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Dr Alexandra Dent
Alexandra Dent Psychological Services Ltd

Dr Alexandra Dent, BSc.Hons., Dip.Psych., MPhil Psych., D.Clin Psych
Registered and Chartered Clinical Psychologist
EMDR Europe Accredited Child & Adolescent and Adult Consultant/Clinical Supervisor
EMDR Europe Accredited Training Facilitator
Published author


Dr Alexandra Dent is the Company Director of Alexandra Dent Psychological Services Ltd.  She is an experienced Registered and Chartered Clinical Psychologist with clinics based in Oakham and Stamford towns, working with children and adolescents, adults and families across the East Midlands (Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire). Alexandra also offers online sessions which are just as effective as 'in person' sessions.

She has a non-judgmental, compassionate and empathic manner which encourages the development of strong and effective therapeutic relationships, allowing individuals to explore the nature of the difficulties they are experiencing.

Alexandra believes in empowering individuals to promote change as effectively as possible. She facilitates individuals in their learning of coping and resource techniques to confront difficult issues, thereby encouraging psychological growth and minimising dependency on the therapeutic relationship.


Dr Alexandra Dent completed her first degree in Physiology at Leeds University in 1994. After taking a year out travelling, she then went on to complete a conversion course in Psychology at Nottingham University (B.P.S recognised). Between 1996 and 2013, the majority of her employment was in the N.H.S.

Her first job involved working at the Stroke Research Unit in Nottingham, followed by two years employed as a research assistant at Nottingham University working on a research project for people with Multiple Sclerosis.  During both these jobs she was involved in writing up papers for publication and she also completed an MPhil.  

Alexandra went on to complete her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Leicester University, qualifying in 2002.  Between 2002 and 2013 she worked in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and her last post was as a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist, overseeing the input of Clinical Psychology into one of the three CAMHS teams as well as being the Lead Clinician for trauma work in Lincolnshire CAMHS. This required her to be involved in the overall provision of trauma services with particular emphasis on the use of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) as an intervention for trauma. She supervised and provided consultation for Clinical Psychologists, other health care professionals and external agencies.  She was involved with both the Leicester and Trent Doctorate in Clinical Psychology course, supervising trainee Clinical Psychologists as well as lecturing on the courses.
Alexandra set up her own independent Clinical Psychology practice in March 2012.  In June 2013 she left the NHS to concentrate on building up her own independent practice in the East Midlands which has now formed Alexandra Dent Psychological Services Ltd.  Alexandra offers EMDR supervision to both Child & Adolescent and Adult EMDR clinicians as well as Spiritual clinical supervision.  She has a clinic in Oakham although she is currently working online.

Alexandra wrote a book about Spirituality in Psychotherapy (2019) and is also a co-author of a book entitled 'Using Stories in EMDR: A Guide to the Storytelling (Narrative) Approach in EMDR Therapy' (2020).

Alexandra was involved with writing an article on:
  • 'EMDR and trauma' in the Rutland Living (2012)
  • 'Do we need to rethink how we promote EMDR and train practitioners?' in the October 2013 'EMDR Now' newsletter
  • How EMDR can be used for a number of serious conditions including anxiety and depression. The Daily Mail. 7th March 2016 (pg53).
and presented a workshop on:
  • the benefits of EMDR in a CAMHS setting at the 5th Autumn EMDR Workshop Conference (in Darlington) in October 2013.
  • 'Attachment focused EMDR and resource work' at the Nottingham DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) study day in May 2014.
  • 'Mindfulness based EMDR with children and adults' at the Annual UK & Ireland EMDR Conference 2017.
  • 'Using Stories for Trauma and Attachment Resolution' with two of her C & A Committee colleagues in September 2017 and September 2019.
  • 'The new Heart Led Psychotheapy model for treating psychological distress' at the UK Transpersonal Psychology conference in September 2018.
  • 'EMDR and Mindfulness; EMDR and Spirituality' at the Regional West Midlands EMDR Group in March 2019.
  • 'Mindfulness based EMDR' two day workshop in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2019.
  • 'Mindfulness based EMDR' free EMDR Association online webinar in September 2020.
  • 'A BioPsychoSocialSpiritual Approach to Treating Trauma' online workshop in October 2020.
  • 'Advanced workshop on BioPsychoSocialSpiritual Approach to Treat Trauma' online in January 2021.
Outside her clinic times, Alexandra is actively involved with the UK EMDR Association.  She was Chair of the UK Child & Adolescent EMDR Committee between 2017-2021 which meant she also represented the UK EMDR Association on the Europe EMDR Child & Adolescent Committee during this time.  Alexandra has also been pivotal in setting up a Specialist Interest Group (SIG) in EMDR and Spirituality in 2019 and is current Chair.  This provides monthly CPD and peer supervision meetings for colleagues of the SIG.  She is also passionate about teaching others how to bridge together Mindfulness with EMDR and has run workshops regionally, nationally and internationally.  Alexandra is a member of the Transpersonal Psychology committee of the BPS.

Alexandra is the founder of Heart Led Psychotherapy (, a psychotherapy which provides the key to help individuals start living a heart-led and authentic life.  She has also written a book about this approach entitled 'Using Spirituality in Psychotherapy: The Heart Led Approach to Clinical Practice' which was published in May 2019.

  • BSc (Hons) Physiology, University of Leeds, 1994
  • Diploma in Psychology, University of Nottingham, 1996
  • MPhil Psychology, University of Nottingham, 1999
  • Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, University of Leicester, 2002
  • Chartered Clinical Psychologist (British Psychological Society) (C.Psychol)
  • Registered Clinical Psychologist with Health and Care Professions Council
  • Accredited Europe EMDR Consultant/Clinical Supervisor
  • Accredited Europe EMDR Child & Adolescent Consultant/Clinical Supervisor
  • Accredited Europe EMDR Training Facilitator
  • DDP trained Level 1 & 2
  • APT Mindfulness Level 1 and Level 2
  • Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator
  • EFT Practitioner

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 *NB A Dent nee Luther

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