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Therapy duration and referrals

Therapy duration

Each individual’s situation and circumstances are unique and the number of sessions required will vary on a person’s ability to engage in therapy, the complexity of their situation, their motivation and the impact of their surrounding environments.  It is always important to make sure that a person is ready to engage in therapy to maximise their opportunities for psychological growth.   An estimation of how many sessions are needed should be possible after the initial appointment although this will be reviewed regularly with the client depending on any change of circumstances.  In general, between 5 to 10 sessions will be required which are usually offered weekly to beign with and as therapy progresses this can change to fortnightly or monthly.  More sessions may be necessary where significant long standing traumas or attachment difficulties are identified.

Sometimes a one-off assessment is all that is required, for example, with children or young people. Completing a thorough psychological assessment and providing some psychoeducation to families is enough to empower them to make any necessary changes for future management of any difficulties experienced.



Referrals are welcome from Self-referrers, GPs, Insurance Companies, Solicitors and Rehabilitation Services.


Many people seeking private Clinical Psychology services are self-funding.  Please email Alexandra to obtain a current price list, her terms and conditions, and confidentiality form, the latter two of which you will be asked to sign at the beginning of your intial assessment.

All other referrers

Clinical Psychology referrals can be made via Insurance Companies, Solicitors, Rehabilitation Services and GPs.  This might include companies helping their employees to remain or get back to work following some difficulty, or insurance claims following an injury or trauma.

Please contact Alexandra t
o obtain a current price list and her terms and conditions.  The client will be asked to sign a confidentiality form at the beginning of their initial assessment.

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